Can audio in unreal do a DJ game?

I’m started making a dj game in unreal. It’s NOT a real dj game, as in you don’t have to beat match the tempo together because the sample are the same speed.
After doing some research, the audio will skip because of the tick the whole system runs off of and frame rate speed effects this too. I took some audios blueprint tutorials and you can fade in and out of the audio and change to another track.
What I’m trying to do is on Turntable 1 play the track, on Turntable 2 start another track inline on beat with track 1. They will play together on beat with the fader in the middle. Is that possible in unreal? I don’t want to waste time trying to figure out something that is not possible.


I am trying the same. And I have found this very useful.

But I like to go a little further and be able to control the segment that is played. It is what I am investigating right now.

Two or more audioComponents inside the same BP/actor will stay in sync if we tell them to play at the same time on the same frame!