Can assets from the "Content Examples" project be used in commercial games?

I’d like to use the palm trees and grass in the Pivot Painter example in the Content Example project that is free to download on the Learn tab in the Epic Games Launcher. It says “Licensed for Use Only with Unreal Engine-based Products” after all.

Is it possible to use it to develop a paid game?


Yes, you may use the assets from the examples and learning content in your commercial game. Their use is all covered in the EULA here:

Let me know if that helps you or if there is anything else that needs clarification.

Thank you very much for the answer. I really appreciate how accessible Epic Games is making the engine and its contents. You guys are the best.

Does this apply to every freely available example project?

… like “ShooterGame”, “StrategyGame” and “VehicleGame” ??

Yes even those

Would I be able to use the character model in the 3d template for my game?

Yes, that’s ok

Will be included the modding ark / conan / robo Recall squad …?

Sorry already answered on the link

i have one more additional question, the characters (example: Paragon characters by epic games) can those be used for other games commercially released or is that not allowed?