Can anyone tell me what these are..

Or atleast point me in the right direction to find out.

That’s where you enter in your Copyright information, any custom licencing terms, or custom privacy policy.

They will be added to any files you create in their metadata, as well as the first few lines in any C++ class files you make. So if you’re making an open source plugin for example you can enter the details you want for your code. Privacy Policy is similar, but not sure where it shows up.

That has nothing to do with UE4 licence/copyright, only your project’s content.

So then if your making just a stand_alone offline game. that doesn’t really apply to you because your not Licensing or passing information thur the internet?

So basically just need to fill out the Copy right section?

EULA has to do with what permission you give people to do with the product, not just what happens in an online game.

Pretty much yeah, for releasing assets/code it is really helpful as the files will contain your copyright and/or custom licence requirements for end users.

For a packaged game it won’t have much of an effect, but you should enter it in anyways in case someone tries to rip assets out. Won’t stop it from happening of course, but could be useful if you ever had to take legal action.

I am not positive whether all files get this info added to them or only certain types do, but will look into it and see if I can find a more definitive answer for you.

Yea i’m actually in the the process of getting a Eula made. My question after i had made the Eula was going to be where do i put it. does it go in the Editor or does it get added along with the game when you upload to Steam For Example…