Can anyone see why my static mesh isnt being assigned?

Im using a max script to help placement of my assets but when it is pasted into unreal the static mesh isnt actually assigned to the actor.

Begin Map
   Begin Level
 Begin Actor Class=StaticMeshActor Name=A11-0030 Archetype=StaticMeshActor'/Script/Engine.Default__StaticMeshActor'
 Begin Object Class=StaticMeshComponent Name=StaticMeshComponent0 ObjName=StaticMeshComponent0 Archetype=StaticMeshComponent'/Script/Engine.Default__StaticMeshActor:StaticMeshComponent0'
 End Object
 Begin Object Name=StaticMeshComponent0
 End Object
 End Actor
 End Level
Begin Surface
End Surface
End Map

As far as i can see everything is fine. Sometimes i do get additional suffixes to the mesh name for no reason i.e. A11-0030 comes out as A11-0030_1122 in the static mesh slot.
Any ideas?

I don’t believe there are any export scripts grabbing the right mesh for each object in the scene yet. If you named ypur instances correctly in your scene you can easily select all of the same instance(from the list of actors in the scene, usually at the top right of the window) and assign your mesh. All selected will use said mesh. It is not as convenient as automatically assigning the right mesh but this usually only takes a few minutes as it does not require much effort.

Hmm, i wonder why this is the case. Im aware i can do it manually but there are alot of instances and a hell of alot of unique objects that i need to assign (about 300 different objects in total). I was hoping i could automate it. I wonder if a staff member sees this they can explain why meshes arent assigned?