Can anyone recommend a Step-by-Step complete beginner's tutorial for UE5?


Hello everyone!

I am a complete newbie. Just assume I know nothing about the UE5 or the terms typically used when discussing it.

I am very eager to learn UE5 but even with all the online course work, it is overwhelming choosing what to begin with.

I learn best by doing a project, step-by-step.

Can anyone suggest a step-by-step tutorial for someone just being exposed to this type of creation?


I’ve been following this guy. He really takes his time to explain things.

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Thank you so much! This looks like it’s what I’m looking for.


I’ve been following along with this tut myself and it’s a great intro. I discovered a problem in UE5 that someone else answered for me in another thread. When you get to the 3:17 mark of that video and start trying to migrate assets from the medieval game environment map. You need to select “NO” on this screen:


There’s currently a bug in UE5 that will cause it to freeze up and quit responding if you select “Yes”.


You are awesome for letting me know. THANK YOU!

HDRIBackdrop is a plugin that needs to be enabled – might be related.

Thank you!

Ah good to know!

I’ll double check and see whether or not that’s enabled in my project and report back.

Could very well be related……

So I checked this morning and that plugin had been enabled so that doesn’t appear to have been the issue. There were a couple of plugins related to water:

One enabled one not and both experimental. Not sure what the root cause is but hitting “No” on the screen I posted above is a workaround for the moment.