Can anyone Help me with this Jump Button Blueprint?

Hi everbody i make a 2DSideScroller Game from the Epic Stream Videos to learn Unreal Engine. I have Created a Jump Button in Game with UMG the Problem is if the Character Die and Plays the Die Animation i can Jump with the Button. How i can make it right that the Jump Button is Disable if the Player dies ?? I have tried different ways but nothing works i hope somebody can help my with this. I have make a Sreenshot from my Umg Blueprint :slight_smile:


the bool value โ€œsuccesโ€ make the player unable to jump if it is false, I would say you just need to set this value to false whenever the player is dead, or create another bool value just for that.

Fire Button in Game somebody can help me ???

Thanks for the Answer i have fixxed the Problem :slight_smile: i have cast it to my health Bar now if the Energy is Zero he dies and the Button is Disable. Can somebody help me with a Fire Button in Game a Sreenshot from a Graph that will be helpfull. Thank you for the Answer JX53mb