Can Anyone Help Me With Some Game Clock Questions?

Hello everyone!

I am currently stuck in my work. I am working on a project and am trying to have a clock run at the top middle of the screen, very Crazy Taxi-esqe. However, I am somewhat new to blueprint and haven’t found a good way to accomplish this yet. It’s been two days and I figured I would ask the question because I know people are here to help!


This should be something easily accomplished with the UMG. You could setup a timer in your game mode and then have it relay the variable for the clock to a display in your HUD.
Check out the UMG and tutorials, there are a few on youtube and of course the learn/documentation on the launcher.

I understand how that would be done. My question is about setting up the timer. Unless I am misunderstanding your answer.

if you just want a count down timer that displays seconds, you could do it like this:


Sorry for the late response, hope you will see this.

I understand the first part of your blueprint. I got the custom event but what did you link it to? Typed in Set but was stuck. I know its probably simple to you but for someone who just started, you are a lifesaver if you could explain the set. Is it an integer?

Im confused on how it isn’t showing a variable for you under the set current time left unless I’m wrong in my assumption it is a new variable.

Thanks for the answer!

The TIMER is firing off the custom event UPDATECLOCK.
You should use a float as the variable but you could use int just less precision.

this sequence he has posted will only run a the float CurrentTimeLeft down by 1 every loop that the timer fires off.

So here’s what is happening

  1. Event begin play starts the timer
  2. Timer calls the custom event UpdateClock
  3. UpdateClock then subtracts 1 from the CurrentTimeLeft (note you have to set a default value for this variable to the amount of seconds you would want)
  4. To display this value you could either add a PRINT STRING behind the CurrentTimeLeft SET node and then plug the CurrentTimeLeft Get node into it, make a Text Display object or setup a display in the HUD using canvas or UMG.

hope this sorts it out for you