Can anyone help me use / understand Transform Direction?


I would like to move an object in my level relative to the camera using the analog stick. I’ve done some research and think I can use the Transform Direction node in Blueprints to get the world space transform of my camera and then move an object in the world by that direction? Trouble is, I can’t find out how to use the Transform Direction node. Which objects transform and direction do I use?

Thanks in advance for any help.

If you use have an Input Axis mapping (eg. MoveForward) in a range of -1 and 1 you could GetPlayerCameraManager GetCameraRotation GetForwardVector and Multiply it with a float being your axis value. The result Vector you could use in a AddActorWorldOffset node.

Optionally you could multiply the result vector with GetWorldDeltaSeconds and a scalar float value to keep it independent of the frame-rate and giving you a speed multiplier (scalar).

If you also want input for MoveRight you repeat the above but replace GetForwardVector with GetRightVector.

Thanks for the quick response Garner57. I’ve given that a go and it works perfectly. I’m not sure if Transform Direction would have worked for what I needed, and I would still like to understand it and how to use it it, but your method does the trick.