Can anyone help me to understand about "baking textures"?

I know how to make UV1 and UV2, well atleast i have an good idea alread but looks like before i do the UVs first i need:
1- UVW map
2- Unwarp UVW 1
3- Unwarp UVW 2
4- “Baking textures”…i want know what i need bake ? i mean just the lightmap ? or the difuse and normals also ? how i do that ?

Im using 3ds max 2014, let me know if you guys know about any youtube videos tutorial, any tips are apreciated im doing archviz.

Normally you will only be baking a lightmap to UV2 slot. This is handled inside of UE4 after you place all your assets and static lights.

so build light = bake light ? im asking because i see in an video someone who use render to texture to make maps like difuse normal and lightmap but in that video him dint show how to apply them in UE4.

I dont need UVW map ? can i put texture inside UE4 at right positioning ?

Building lighting will bake (static) lights to the second uv channel of all your assets.

Some people do use programs like z brush or mud box to paint textures directly onto the mesh. Then they bake the texture into the uvs. Is this what you’re referencing?

yes sometimes i will want the texture on object follow different directions, so i think i need back right ? if i want back the texture i also need bake the normals ? i realy need specular map also ?

its better back texture with zbrush or mud box ?or max will do that just fine ? i will work with archiviz so i will not use organic obj.

Hi Healt,

I wanted to clarify “baking” in reference to UE4 with your second UV that is for Lightmaps.

In Max (or any modeling software) you will need to set up your UV channels accordingly. The first UV for your textures (Diffuse, Normal, etc) is created and you can manipulate and apply textures how you see fit for your needs.

The second UV for lightmaps only needs to be set up so that you have adequate spacing between the UV islands, make sure everything is in the 0,1 space, and that there are no overlapping faces.

When you import your model into UE4 and place the model in the scene when you hit the “Build” button in the tool bar to build lighting the second UV you’ve created will be used to “bake” the lighting information from the scene to create your shadows textures for the mesh.

For your other concerns, You will need to bake normals in Max or other programs like xNormal.

Specular maps are as necessary with Physically Based Materials for most cases.


Hi Tim Hobston,
I m new in unreal engine
I have a similar doubt, currently I m using 4.22 version of unreal engine.
so when we hit build button in the tool bar it actually bakes light, textures and shadows for all the mesh currently in the scene using second uv channel ?

when to use bake material button in details tab or bake out materials button in mesh editors tab?

I am in the process of creating interactive arch viz for android platform.
your help would be much appreciated