Can anyone help me so i don't fail my class and become a homeless man

Here are all my issues,

I am making a VR game for my class and when I hit play, my player cant move around the map. How can I fix this?

I have 7 different audio cues and I want them to play at specific spots in the map. So when a player goes into a certain spot, its plays my voice over only one time. How do I do this?

Basically in my game, you pick up objects and put them in a bowl so when you collect all the object you beat the game. How do I program my game to do this? So that it counts all the objects and adds them to like a score or whatever.

Also, I have animated a little ball and I want this to play when the player beats the game. Yet again I ask you all…How do I do this?

When the ball is moving about I want music to play. How do I get the game to play my song when the ball animation starts?

There is a spot in my map where I want two audio cues voice overs to play. I want one the first VO cue to start the first time the player enters that spot and then the other VO cue to play when the player beats the game. HOW DO I DO THIS?

I appreciate any help. Also, please don’t send me links to tutorials unless they 110% address my issues. The general “how to do a box trigger” does nothing for me and my game. I have no patience nor intelligence to apply general tutorials to my game :slight_smile: