Can anyone give some advice on how to make an OmniDirectional Light with a red glow?

I would like to make a RED Omnidirectional Light as an offshoot of the standard Omni light. But I don’t know how to change the color of the globes.

If anyone can give me a hint I’d muchly appreciate it.

I have a new light showing in the Engram list! All ready to be created in the fabricator. But it will be the same color light as the vanilla variety so far.

Looks like M_LampOmni_powered_MIC is the material for the ‘on’ position, and inside that under Emissive is the light, T_LampPostOmni_E. I’ve no clue how to do textures or materials, but I suppose knowing where to look is a start!

I followed a tutorial on materials in the epic games editor before I started on the dev kit, but alas it is still quite beyond me. Perhaps I should be happy to have 1 mod that works exactly as I planned it, and just give up on the rest. Thanks for your help Huston850. You seem to be the only one who wants to help on this forum.

I can only imagine that if you export T_LampPostOmni_E, recolor it, then reimport it, you’d have what you want

You give up easy. What you are trying to do is really easy.
As Houston850 said, M_LampOmni_powered_MIC is the material you want to copy. Open the copy and set “Emissive - Color and Intensity” to whatever color you want. Make your lamp use the new material. That’s only going to change the color that “glows” on the model itself, the “emitted” light will still be white. To change that, change the light color on the “Activated Emitter” for the lamp.

These forums are not very active, your better off joining the ark modding discord

Thanks guys. I hadn’t given up on it actually. I’ve been working on other mods and the Omni light took a back seat. However, I’ve learned a lot since then.