can anyone explane wht vector by ref mean?

please can anyone explane wht vector by ref mean or any pin by ref it seems like we can get and set the variable at the same time ?

Well word use is usually determined by context in which it is used so in context vector is based on the XYZ location of a given object as to location and rotation. A vector can be a fixed value like 10,30,45 or by reference of a given object as to dynamic changes. In this case CurrentFootLockLocation is a reference of a vector and yes it can be “Get” and “Set” at the same time.

I would take the question to be “what is byref”.
If that’s really the case, please pick up any C# book and study how to do thing properly. You really shouldn’t even be approaching anything that requires coding without this rather basic knowledge.
And for your own education, do look up Malloc stacks.

As far as what it is, for the layman, in the context of a macro or function. It’s a ACTUAL reference to a variable. Instead of just its value.

thank you thats exactly what i was trying to make sure im understanding correct because i thought no way to change a variable unless i drag it to the blueprint as a set .
i think i should read more about programming thank you for the advice .

where i can read about the Malloc stacks ?

take this with a grain of salt, it’s literally the first linked I found:

there is more info on what malloc is here

You need to know the concept vs how to actually do it…

A good book for learning is “C++ - A Dialogue: Programming with the C++ Library” - it’s dated (some 15 years on?), but it was a good read.
Also Mike McShaffrry wrote a decent book once uplone a time called Game Coding Complete. While it has 0 to do with Unreal, He does cover some interesting game oriented basics within it. Could be useful if you move past Blueprint and into actual code.

ah thank you so much for all those resources . im using just blueprint i hop reading for c++ will be beneficial for dealing with bluprint more efficiently .