Can anyone explain what is "Blueprint Generated Class"?

Im not engine developer, but…
Blueprint Generated Class means its a high level class made by Engine for blueprint scripting and other things :slight_smile:
Fully functional as runtime class, can have parent c++ class and all c++ variables, fuctions which are exposed to blueprint will be available in generated class by Epics reflection system.

In short when you right click in content and select new blueprint class the select parent class, actually you generate a new “generated blueprint class”.

You are confused a little bit, because you using bad pointer!
If you want spawn any blueprint class (no matter in c++ or in BP) use TSubClassOf SpawnClass; in c++
Expose this to bp (mark with uproperty editanywhere, blueprintreadwrite) and you can setup which bp class you want spawn.
Of course you can use constructobjecthelper to load/find class or runtime methods too, but in BP you can set this in no time.

Short example:
You have an actor class which you want spawn from gamemode.

In c++ you declare that spawnclass variable, then you make a blueprint from that gamemode, open set actor class, now you are ready for call SpawnActor code in c++.
As input for SpawnActor just add Spawnclass and you are done :slight_smile:

Engine will spawn Blueprint Class to your world with all of your blueprint and c++ variables amd functions

Hi, I’m new to UE4, and I’m programming using both C++ and Blueprint. But I don’t know what is “Generated Class”?
For example, if a have a TAssetSubclassOf<> in CSV row, I want to spawn the blueprint into world from the TAssetSubclassOf<>, I must add “_C” in CSV, so that spawn can succeed. If I remove “_C”, the spawn failed.
Even I know how to make a successfuly spawn, I’m still confused what it really implicitly mean inside the engine’s gameplay framework. Now, I’m just assume: a blueprint in content browser is an asset, if I want to spawn this blueprint into world, I must know its “Generated Class”…
There’s nearly no document talking about this engine mechenism, would somebody make a clarify on this?
Thanks a alot!