Can anyone elaborate on the HLOD Proxy mesh destruction used in fortnite?

“Once that is completed, we would then need to modify how Mesh Merging is used with HLOD to add the ability to copy the Max LOD and apply custom vertex colors to the newly generated Static Mesh.
Note that the Vertex Colors should be quantized such that using R, G and B gives 65k in values which should be more than we need.”

Would anyone be able to elaborate on this setup from the fortnite HLOD proxy LOD destruction system guide? If you scroll down they have 6 steps.

I don’t understand how we can setup something automatic to custom map the vertex colours to new proxy meshes, I also don’t understand what it is referring to when it says R G AND B gives 65k in values. Could anyone provide some more information?


Well, for starters, the Hierarchiel LOD Mesh then creates a separate Static Mesh, no?

If you go into Setting in Epic Games Launcher->Manage Plugins-> Physics-> Apex Physics… and enable Apex Physics (OFF by Default), Restart the Editor to apply changes.

You can then right-click the HLOD Static Mesh in Content Browser, and “Create Destruction” (top of right-click menu on SM, forget the exact name).

From there you use the Static MEs viewer and the tools on top of the window allow from Destruction or fragmentation, use those tools and create a destructible/fractureable HLOD Mesh from there.