Can anyone at Epic please review UE4 C++ books ?

Just saw this new book on Amazon “Learning C++ by Creating Games with UE4” ( and I am wondering if Epic would review this book, and any other C++ programming book, and rate it. I’d hate to buy a book that isn’t easily digestible (especially that C++ isn’t the easiest language to learn) and if it doesn’t provide material beyond standard C++ stuff that can be found freely on let’s say The New Boston (

I know that in the world of Blender there are several, savvy in various subjects of Blender, people who review various training materials and I find it to be an extremely useful practice - it helps end-users to avoid not-so-good training materials / books, and encourage authors to develop better and clearer training.


Bump! I think this topic deserves devs’ attention :slight_smile:

Cool. I write book reviews on my blog. I will check this out as soon as I’m done with what I’m reading now.

I feel that the staffs won’t feel the need to review books that teaches how to do stuffs in Unreal Engine 4. They would instead point to the readers to look at the documentation, the wiki, and ask on the AnswerHub if there are other questions.

That doesn’t make sense. Wouldn’t they be interested in having more people using engine properly and productively, whether it’s Epic’s own resources or someone else’s ?

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@cybereality: Have you had a chance, by chance, to look into that book ?

@motorsep: Yes, I’m reading it now (about 2/3rds finished). I plan on writing a review when I’m done.

However, so far it seems like a very good book for C++ beginners. It goes over all the basic stuff like variables, functions, classes, etc. and then shows how to use them with UE4.

There are certainly more comprehensive books just on C++, but it seems this one teaches you just enough to get started w/ using C++ in Unreal Engine.

Ah, cool. Does it also explain the core concepts of UE4 API with practical examples ?

Yes, it has some practical examples. It shows how create a player, NPCs that you can walk up to and a text box will appear, storing items in inventory and showing them with a HUD, and then (what I’m up to now) creating monsters and magic spells. It probably sounds more exciting then it is, they are really pretty bare-bone examples but they are great to understand how UE4 works and how to implement certain things (for example, which type of container to use for an inventory system, etc.). Hope that helps.

Sorry it’s taken so long. The review just went live on my blog:

Nice review.

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Thanks a bunch! Sounds like a book I need to get :slight_smile:

Cool. Glad some people found it useful.

thanks for the review cyber. I know there is a digital download, but is there also a print copy?