Can anybody help to make mobile tilt input work?

Hi all, i have an engine bug preventing me from releasing my game on iOS. The bug is that if i touch widget buttons on the screen the tilt input (accelerometer) returns 0,0,0 and stops working.

I’m looking for a workaround. has anybody been able to make this work? if so could you please help

here is a video of the problem

i have waisted weeks on this any ideas are more than welcome

I’m not sure 100% that it is the issue, but do you aware of “Focus” system?
Currently PC can “Focus” on Game or UI and you can disable completely input for game if you’re focused on UI currently. I assume whenever you’re touching UI parts, your PlayerController is handling UI only and all input from tilting is ignored by Game during this.
You can enable both-way input by using “Set Input Mode Game and UI” node, for example

Thank you for a good effort, as you have explained should work but as the three nodes (set input mode game only, set input mode game and UI and set input UI only) seam to have the desired effect on the tilt input but no effect on the widget. Thanks again, if you have anymore ideas please share