Can AnswerHub be renamed QuestionHub?

Believe that name would be more accurate. My last 15 questions in a row have gone unanswered. 13 were completely unanswered, and the other two I answered myself. Makes the name a bit of a misnomer if nobody is consistently contributing to the answering part of the process, or at least in my experience. Not sure what everyone else’s experience has been though.

Not a bad idea, tbh. On the other hand, when was the last time you contributed? :slight_smile: People do sacrifice their own time, away from their own projects, family and entertainment, just to help you.

I’ve browsed through your questions, some of them have useful comments, some of them were answered by you. Consider closing the ones that are no longer valid or have been resolved. That’s a contribution as well, keeping things cleaner. For example:

in that case why not call it the spamHub since thats so prevalent these days. but really its easy for questions to get lost in the mix with all the spam and people asking the same things over and over. it is like everynone said though the people on the answerhub are all helping out on their own, no one is getting paid to do this. if you want guaranteed support for everything youll have to pay someone, like getting a partner license with epic where you can ask the staff directly. oh and in regards to the nobody contributing thing, if you look at the top contributors its usually the same names each and every week. take that as you will, it shows people contributing but i suppose its also validation to you.

now this is just my opinion here but if your questions arent being answered well that happens sometimes, why not go and figure out the issue on your own. personally i taught myself unreal via youtube videos and reading, i run into issues all the time but i do the research and try different things until i get it to work. you cant always rely on help from others. ive been at this for a few years now and with the help yourself kind of view ive only asked one question, everything else ive either sorted out on my own or learned is beyond my skill level.

so to the people out there complaining about their questions not being answered do the same thing that the people who will be answering do, figure it out. read, make changes, test , repeat.

i agree tag definitely help. i get emails about things with the blueprint tag since thats what i work on most. i usually try to check the all questions section on the site but there your question could be buried on page 3 in a matter of hours. you can always try bumping your questions as well so they are more likely to be seen. your questions also need more details for people to work with. for example This Post about footstep sounds you explain the situation but never show the implementation of the notifies and the playing of the sounds. how can people help without knowing what you have? you also added extra useless information at the bottom of the post. add whats relevant and do it in detail leave out the rest. so many times people (not you) post things like i dont know english or im a noob, who cares it has nothing to do with the question. clear concise and detailed questions preferably with pictures is the way to go.

Yea and someone tried to help you here but you never responded back.

This was never closed

Also the questions I browsed none have any screen shots. It is much more helpful and likely to get responses when people can see what you are working with. That being said, I do agree with you, you have an inordinate amount of unanswered questions haha One thing I will say that could be an issue and isn’t anyone’s fault really is that answerHub does “recommend” questions to those of us who respond frequently and if you don’t use the right “tags” your questions can get buried and people may not see them. For example, every question you have should have the tag “blueprint” on it unless you are asking about C++ code. This will group it with suggested questions for people who respond to “blueprint related” questions. Without this tag you may be going under the radar and in a day or so your question is on page 3 and no one even saw it. Just a thought :slight_smile:

Agreed, and along those lines sometimes people just don’t know things. If you ask about very difficult questions or questions that may not be difficult but aren’t common then the likelihood someone knows what you want diminishes. A lot of your questions had to do with sound something I hardly deal with so even though I am pretty active here I don’t know much about sound/animations/materials/rendering etc all that art stuff so even if I see questions like that I can’t offer any help. When I started a couple years ago I had asked 2 questions (different account) they were never answered and I didn’t think they were that hard. I wanted to use a spline to move my player and no one could help me with that. I tried for months, gave up did some other stuff, then one day I just decided to pick that problem up again and after working with the engine for 6 months I solved it quickly. Since then I have answered that question on here and made a tutorial for others on how to do it in case someone else has the same issue. And that problem was nothing compared to my issues with gimbal lock I was having for a year. No good solutions seemed to exist, I then read about it myself tried to figure out crazy quaternion math and in the end ended up learning enough C++ to write some code, expose some engine nodes Unreal hid and solved that problem. Yes it sucks when you can’t get help but if you really enjoy game dev and problem solving in general, you realize you learn so much more on your own and it is incredibly satisfying to solve a tough problem by yourself as opposed to have someone hand you the answer. Not that it is bad to get help but if it doesn’t come don’t get discouraged, just take it as challenge and when you figure it out come back here and tell everyone your solution. Then we all are better for it :slight_smile:

I wasn’t very constructive, true.

I see that some of your questions that should have been straightforward to answer, like this one have been here for a loooong time with no comment whatsoever.

Perhaps it’s a matter of tagging them as blueprint to increase visibility.

To Everynone,

I concede I don’t have a lot of answers I’ve been able to contribute myself to others’ questions, but I’m relatively new, or at least new enough that I can’t provide answers to the more technical questions. Any time I’ve seen someone who was newer than I am trying to understand how to do what I have learned, though, I make it a point to let them know what worked for me. I get frustrated myself because I’m past the fundamentals but not necessarily what I’d consider advanced yet, and it’s difficult to make progress sometimes because I will have a very particular issue that can’t be easily Googled or the like, so I want to assume I can get it addressed here. Having the odd question or too go unanswered is unfortunate but not overly off-putting for me; it’s the sheer number I’ve asked that have gone unanswered. I’ve tried posting different times of the day, being more detailed, being less detailed and so on in how I approach asking, but nothing seems to help my luck. I know you’re pretty established on here so if there’s any insight you can give on how to improve my chances here, I’m open to suggestions.

To ,

What you suggested is what my instinct is, and what I’ve been doing by default in regards to the issue I brought up here. The problem is sometimes I’m hitting a wall on a very specific issue that I can’t seem to find an answer for elsewhere, so I figure since the ostensible point of this resource is to address Unreal Engine usage issues in a concentrated space, it’s safe to place a bet here. The point has been made about people having their own lives, and I grant that, as I do, too. That’s part of why the lack of help is an issue for me, though: I use most of my free time on learning the engine, but I do have the usual daily responsibilities to take care of which imposes time constraints on how long I have in the day. For sake of optimizing my workflow and in general progressing in my education on the engine, it gets difficult at a certain point to justify focusing all my time on a smaller aspect when there are multiple other things I could learn in the same time, at least as long as there’s a reasonable chance to get help from somebody with more experience. I don’t know, I just feel like as long as this exists as a resource I should be able to count on it when I’m out of options more than I can. As is, the name seems like a misbranding, at least relative to my own experience.

I have decided to follow you here, so I will get a notification when you post a question. While I don’t know much about sound cues, collisions and other things you have asked about I can probably help you with. So I will do my best to help you out when I can. Again, I still recommend tagging each question with “blueprint”.

To Nebula Games Inc.,

The question you referenced I never answered back on because that was one of the ones I figured out for myself while waiting for a response. That said, I should have mentioned I’d come up with a solution to the person who replied as a courtesy, I admit. Thanks for pointing that out.

Appreciate the tip on the tags, I’ll definitely remember that. Not knowledgeable enough yet to update my expertise and get notices on that sort of thing, so I guess I haven’t thought about the fact you guys who are do get those.

To ,

Yeah, I was starting to get off topic at the end of the post you reference. That’s why the next time it started to bother me I made it into its own post, which was this one. Already thought about that, lol.

I didn’t post pics on the notifies issue because I didn’t know what to post pics of. The notifies I set up were really basic. That issue has something to do with the character being referenced in the main menu level somehow, so it must have something to do with a setting I’d need to change, just don’t know where that is, so didn’t know where to start.

To Nebula Games Inc.,

Well that’s not really necessary, but thank you all the same, really appreciate that.

I don’t often need help - or at least I like to think I’m not too needy as far as the frequency of my questions go - so hopefully I won’t need to bother any of you too much for help.

Haha it is all good, I have followed a few people on here to help, it is not like my email gets blown up. Just thought since we are all trying to help I would put you up on the list of people to keep an eye on.

i probably came on a bit strong there, my apologies. i dont mean to say people shouldnt ask questions completely, if you try to find the answer to a decent degree and fail then ask away. when asking a question you may need to bump it a bit (a few times a day maybe) so that it gets in front of more people. beyond there there are some things that the people who do see it may not know so it may take a long time to get a response.

AnwserHub is not magical crystal ball that suppose to magically answer all your questions, if you got no anwser that means no body here knows it (at least top of the head), it out of there comfort zone or/and it lacks enough details, to level that you don’t need to spend long time to answer it. Keep in mind that your problems here becomes others problems and not everyone need to feel up to the task if they don’t know answer either. And keep in mind no body is getting paid here for spending time answering your question too. Lot of people here also expects Epic to answer questions… but this is not what this platform was made for, Epic staff is always busy and has less free time then us so as much as they can answer, this platform was made for people to shere knowledge, when they know the answer they will share it.

But here some general tips from me (and not only for you) how to have better chance on getting anwser:

  • Describe your problem as much as you can

  • Name your question more attractively, at least in the way that people know whats kind of issue

  • Screenshot or copy paste things or code that you think is broken as images might be better to understand your problem

  • Don’t just say you got “error” without copy pasting it, you leaving people in the dark this way and people can only guess whats your issue is (i usually comment requesting for error message)

  • If you have crush, same as above don’t just say you got a “crush”, if you don’t do C++ coding for 99% cases UE4 leaves messages in logs detailing the crash and cause is usally described there. logs are in Saved/Logs of you project files. Lot of question on AnwserHub about crashes would be unneeded if people just looked on the log, they probably already would get answer to there problem themselves.

  • I personally don’t use tags to search interesting questions but as people say above it might help

  • If you really don’t get answer for long time on AnwserHub, try your luck in forums, there different set of people sitting there and maybe more of discussion is needed which is better to do on forums. Maybe your question is too general for AnwserHub, but personally i don’t think this is a issue as in original AnwserHub people answer for even very generic questions, but culture here that formed over years prefer direct answers.

  • Also don’t expect people to do things for you or write huge tutorials or plans to do something, aspecially if you not giving any details. The more work you throw on people the less likely they will answer.

I don’t expect it to be a crystal ball or people to answer everything for me. As I described throughout multiple posts on here, I prefer to do as much as I can by myself. However, I don’t think it is unreasonable to expect at least one question or comment across my last 15 questions. That’s the problem I’m drawing attention to: getting literally no response. I take my game design education seriously, so I have to take this issue seriously too. All that granted, I’ll keep in mind your tips.