Can an audio source create a reverb without sending the sound to the speaker

Hi, I’m new to the audio system in UE4 and I was wondering if it is possible to hear a reverb of an audio source without hearing the original audio playing.

I was tinkering with the AudioCapture which captures the players voice. With it you can hear yourself in the game and it will send the audio to reverb too if it is audible. The delayed voice is a bit distracting and I would like to mute the direct output but still send the signal to the audio volume to create an audible reverb.

Is there a solution for that or do I have to write my own AudioCapture component?

It’s possible, gotta look into submixes, and submix sends! Can tell the sound to send a copy of itself to a reverb submix, which should only have the wet reverb, none of the dry signal. Then the sound itself can go to a separate normal submix that is set to 0 volume, so it dissappears there.

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Nice! It works. Thanks a lot!
I created a Submix which feeds into the ReverbSubmix and set the AudioCapture to use this submix.
Now the only issue is the delay of the audio capture. I guess this could be a bigger problem getting the latency of the microphone sound as low as possible.

Yeah, the delay is mostly to do with hardware and drivers in the OS!
It’s possible to get it REALLY low, feeling almost instant, but for many people it’s not so easy because of their setup.
In the project we can turn down the callback buffer in project settings->platform settings(f.ex windows) to a very low multiple of 2. Standard is 1024, which is around 20ms. Put it down to 64/128/256/512, however low you can go without getting audio artifacts. Will help a little, but ye it’s mostly outside unreal we need to look.