Can an app access system tools like the flashlight?

I want to mimic the ps4 controller light bar effect with my ios device by turning the flashlight on/off. Is it possible to access the ios flashlight and create this effect while playing my game?

Are you using it with a tracking camera? Surely it’d be too bright for that, and surely an iPhone has much better gyros and accelerometer than a PS4 controller, so you could straight up rely on them. Even ARKit inside-out tracking would be fine.

If you’re not using it for tracking this sounds like a terrible idea. It’ll destroy the battery for no good reason other than to look daft.

I really just wanted to experiment with asthetics. The scenerio I was thinking about was to mimic the Destiny player ghost experience with your phone. In the original Destiny, whenever you entered a dark tunnel or room the Ghost flashlight would turn on and illuminate the level. When this happened the PS4 controller light would turn on mimicing what was happening on screen. I want to be able to do something similar with a mobile app. Is it something a designer could pull off with blueprint scripting?

Fair enough.

You can probably do it but you’d need to be well familiar with the iOS API. This is for Swift, but there’s some info here:…d-off-in-swift

You probably want to use ARKit as well in any case as that will give you access to the camera. It might be exposed in there.

The thing about randomly enabling the flashlight is that it can be inconvenient. I used to use it as a message notification. I stopped using it right about when I was on my phone at the urinal and someone sent me a text. You don’t want random people thinking that you’re taking pictures of them every time your users play the game.

@Antidamage Thanks for the info.