Can Adobe Fuse work good with Unreal Engine 4, and can I animate my character on Cinema 4D?

I asked about programs for creating characters and animation for games on UE4. I talked about Blender (I will use Blender just for modelling), MakeHuman, DAZ 3D. I had a profile as Catmanplay555 and I had a Mac OS. Now I have Windows 7 laptop and account on name of my creative studio. So, I using other programs. For creating characters I want to use Adobe Fuse. And Cinema 4D for animation. Epic Games staff, can you tell me, those programs (Adobe Fuse, Cinema 4D) are good for UE4?

adobe fuse works almost good with UE4 but its textures lose their quality inside UE4 specially face and eyes textures

OK. And what about Cinema 4D?