Can adjust volume in Sound Mix via Blueprint?

WTF Sound Mix?
You can do with it in Blueprint just on and off? Why no such a simple thing Volume Adjuster?
I have a slider inside Main Menu to adjust the global Audio Settings, and i can not do such a simple thing, i’m in shock!!!

Please tell me how to do something? Fckng global audio volume control through Blueprint, is it possible?

Anyone found a solution to change volume with blueprint?

I did all the setup with soundmixer, soudclass, but now i cant find in blueprint how to set volume value of a soundclass with the soundmixer :x

Good documentation of the engines Audio system and the current limitations as well: Audio System Overview | Unreal Engine Documentation

This tells you why it is important to set the volumes of your specific sounds of different classes so you don’t have overlapping audio and you can create “ducking.” Also within your world settings you can set the global exterior and interior volumes which allow for some good volume checks. Currently there is no way to change the global volume through Blueprints, this is just a limitation of the engine at this time. Hope this helps!

Thank you,

Andrew Hurley

Thank you! All is already solved, we understand how to do it.

Is there at least a CVAR to change the volume of the game ?

How did you figure out how to do it? Very curious :slight_smile:

Here’s how I do it in blueprints. I don’t know whether there’s now an easier way:

Make a number of sound mix modifiers called Global_0, Global_1, Global_2, …
Make them push a modifier that changes volume by 1.0, 0.75, 0.5, 0.37, 0.25, 0.18, 0.13, … (this sequence attenuates -3dB per step)
Make them affect a sound class called something like SC_Global, and all children of that class.
Make all sounds/sound classes be affected by that class.

Now, as you change the volume, pop the previously “global” sound mix modifier, and push the appropriate one for the volume you want to apply.
(Btw: Expressing volume in linear multiplier instead of dB is pretty dumb, because 0.9 is almost like 1.0, but 0.1 is half the volume of 0.2 – dB wins :slight_smile:

All the Master, Submix, Soundclass mix etc. in Unreal is unnecessarily confusing in my opinion. And i’ve been a music producer for 20 years.