Can "add to project" assets be migrated from Vaultcache?

Some of my assets are over 30gb, so I was thinking it would be handy to migrate individual assets from these packs sometimes from the Vaultcache. Anyone ever tried this? I was thinking it’s probably not possible with “add to projects” as no project file exists, but I’m not 100% sure…

There’s no DRM, so you can do whatever works best for you… Many devs never ever use the Vault.
They make their own master template projects and then migrate out what they need as they need it.

Yeah I tried that once, but file management leaves a lot to be desired - easy to screw up when moving/renaming things.

For sure, if there are existing dependencies always use Fix-Up-Redirectors + Migrate etc.
But if its an isolated project, never had any issues with Windows-Explorer Copy/Paste tbh…