Can Actor BPs communicate with other Actor BPs or just with game mode and player pawn/character?

Hey guys, I’m struggling in finding a way to communicate values(integers mainly) within blueprints. I have a spaceship level which is supposed to be very “adaptive/changeable” and I need to throw a lot of values back and forth. However the only way this works is by going the extra path of sending the values to the game mode and then access them from there… Very annoying and probably not so effective.

I watches tons of videos to this subject but I cant get it to work. I get several “access none” errors… Do I miss something?

How do you know which entity you want to communicate with?

Generally, you will do collision checks or other actor selections, or perhaps component selections, and then use “cast to (my type)” as a node, and if it is the type you expect, you can then call public functions or set public variables on that instance.

So, define whatever messages these things need to receive, as public variables or functions, in the blueprint. Then, when you find the things in the gameplay loop (through actor collision callback or whatever) then attempt to cast to the type in question, and if it succeeds, set the value.

If you have many different types that all need the same kind of value, then you could define a blueprint interface for the callback, and use the blueprint interface as the class you check for when you get the actors/components.

Thank you. Yeah I found my “issue” I had loaded a ton of asset packs into my project about a month ago and since then got nuts about the BP stuff. Everything I had learned wasnt working properly anymore and I assumed I was just to dumb and had forgotten how it works but the issue was in the project settings which were overwritten by some of the asset packs… The game instance as an example was wrecked.

However, all my crazy bling bling is working now… I cant believe it. I hope It will make more sense for me now…