Can a trigger volume be a public Variable on a CLASS blueprint?

I’m attempting to build a camera system similar to Chronos.
My current approach is to make two class blueprints, One to be the camera (and have some functionality, fading, menus, line traced-based features, etc) and the other
is a Camera switcher blueprint.

The Camera Switcher will have two public variables, namely The trigger volume I want to reference in the level, and the position and rotation of the camera associated with that volume.
Class blueprints seems to be happy to let you employ cameras as public variables but Trigger volumes (BSP) not so much

Can a volume be a thing you Pick in the world and utilize it’s onOverlapEvent? (WITH A [FONT=Arial Black]CLASS BLUEPRINT, NOT ON A LEVEL BLUEPRINT)

Seeing as this just something to handle that camera, I don’t want to bog down my level blueprint with this.

At the end of the day I’d see the functionality working like this

1.Put down a camera switcher Blueprint.
2.Select the custom volume in the world I want the camera assoicated with.
3.Select the camera in the Scene I want switch to upon entering the volume.

  1. This.

Can I Do That?

Thank you in advance for any help

Yeah. Should just be a reference marked editable. Then, you can assign it in level editor (not level BP). Have to assign/bind the event in BP- but that’s a one time setup.

nope. there is a variable type “trigger volume” but no way to make on as a component… so I’m using a box in the class BP and converting it to a trigger. then in it’s construction script I’m setting the editable variable to replace the component
…as you can see… in the world editor it’s not seeing the other trigger objects to select.

You were right. I was wrong. your suggesting totally worked. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!