Can a trigger box be used to open a coding file?


TriggerBox is ismply something that call OnBeginOverlap event so you can do anything with it.

Reading/Writing to file FFileHelper | Unreal Engine Documentation

There is simple solution Read and Write data from text file - Programming & Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums

I’m a student and this is for my first coding class, where we’re using a program called processing.

My intent is to create a museum in unreal that has the player interact with the paintings hanging on the walls, opening the processing file that has them paint out the image. I’ve written the code and created the scene but I don’t know how to make unreal and processing interact that way, I’ve been told its possible but not how. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Yeah, instead of saying what you cannot do you just click -1.

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Sorry, do you figured out how to do it?

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If you want simple solution you can use Rama victory plugin. It contains blueprint nodes for files.

Not yet and it’s really been driving me nuts, I’ve learned that what I want is to turn it into an executable but I haven’t been able to get that to run in game either. I’m currently downloading all the visual studio add ons that might be relevant in hopes that this was the issue.

I will certainly look into Rama victory plug in and see if that’s what finally gets this executable to tick, also I greatly appreciate your input, I’ve had no help from my professor who expects this done in such a ridiculous time window so it’s nice to actually have some help.

If you wanna do it only for windows… it’s pretty easy.

C++ API is realy good. Take a look at this. I will make sample later or tomorrow.

What executable do you need?

The Rama victory plug in was exactly what I needed, seriously thank you for that, this project had me at my wits end, so glad to be able to finish it. You’re a champ mate.