Can a struct contain a single list of structs to inherit from?

It’s probably a stupid question in the first place but might as well ask. xD

I have 2 structs, one for weapons and one for consumables that i plan to attach as default variable in a base actor BP from which all child BP should inherit possible stats (modified per child BP for different weapon/consumable stats). Each have some similarities like icon, name or weight, models that should be used in world or for equipping, but also some differences.
Weapon struct has ammo type or damage, while consumables struct has healing amount etc.

I’d like to make a base actor BP with a struct variable that has those two structs as a drop down list.
For making a consumable, you would then create a child of the base actor BP and select consumable in the first struct and it should inherit the consumable struct where you can set the name of the consumable, weight, healing etc. Something like a centralized system for easier editing and adding more items to the world. Or must i use 2 base actor BP, one for weapons and one for consumables with the corresponding structs? What would be better?

The child BP created from base BP should essentially be something that tells what model to use when dropped in world or if consumed/equipped and other related stats. I recently posted something that i was thinking of this system, but before i move forward i want to know which of those 2 options mentioned are possible or better to use in the first place.