can a static mesh behave like a rope

hi i have 16 century ship which has its sails supported by ropes, Is it possible to apply cloth to the sails and make the ropes move along the cloth animation and wind

If you’re using a material shader to drive the wind along the sail, you can do the same with any static mesh. If it’s cloth simulation then I have no idea.

Here is a custom texture screenshot of my bow-string mesh - which can have it’s colors customized via material editor

This is the source (not instanced) material

This is the applied/final result (well one version of it.

You can create a similar material and apply a panning scalar value to it to get ti look like it is moving up and down.

Also you want to add some sort of normal map to get the rope not to look flat - something like this

To move the ropes with wind you would have to create a basic bone structure

The more bones, the better they will bend - obviously - but you do have to custom code the swing with a lot of lookat and other animation animgraph/bone manipulation. (not easy)

OR - you could do with Cable controls.


thanks everyone i got it by simple grass wind to the material and all my ropes and sails are moving :D:D