Can a static camera control by HMD?


I have place a static camera in a level and in my blueprint, I enable the Camera manager follow the Hmd with both Orientation and position. However, when I test the game, it seems that the original camera orientation is keep fighting with the orientation of between the Hmd value. Is there any way to make the static camera follow the hmd same as other camera type?


Do you use C++?

Well, for this specific example, I use blueprint

Ok, seems I get it works using this

If I don’t have the last sequence (Get Player Camera Manager->Set FollowHMD Orientation) part, I will get the same problem as I mention above. By adding the last connection, thing works ok now.

And I then try

which still work, it just seems to me that “Enable Player Camera Manager Follow HMD” and “Enable Player Controller Follow Hmd” didn’t do anything?

After some more investigation, it seems that

my breakpoint never get trigger even my Oculus is working correctly. That’s why even calling “Enable Player Camera Manager Follow HMD” didn’t seems to do anything for me. Maybe I still missing something?

I cant seem to find those “Enable Player Camera Manager Follow HMD” nodes in my editor, whats the story, I’m having the same issue of my HMD fighting the static position.

This was reported in 4.10, so it is possible that some nodes have changed. What version of the editor are you using?