Can a line trace run short of it's target?

Is it possible to make a line trace from one object to another stop before it reaches that object but remains on the same line at all times?

I need a line trace to hit an object, then readjust it’s length so it won’t hit that target again, but keeps pointing at the same point. Is there by any chance a simple way to do this? Normally I’d just make it ignore that object to stop generating hits, but that won’t be possible in this case.

For some reason, I always seem to come up with a solution within 30 minutes of posting any kind of question here after being stuck on it for ages. What I needed to do was to get a 1,0,0 vector, rotate it by the look at rotation of the source to the target, then find the distance between the two objects, subtract the amount I wanted to be short of the target, multiply my rotated 1,0,0 vector and add that to the source coordinates. Like this:

and I can just promote the distance I want to come short to a variable and change that during runtime.

I honestly can’t understand even after looking at ure bp how to shorten the trace for my teleport bp with 30-50 cm.

Maybe this is less confusing: You need to get the distance between the two locations and a direction vector from start to end. You then subtract a little from the original distance, so it doesn’t quite reach the end distance wise. You then multiply your rotation vector (which is a unit vector showing only which way to go) with the new distance to get a trace in the correct direction. And then you add your whole thing to the start location so it knows to start the new trace at the correct location.

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Omg thank you so much. After so many tried I got working! The only difference I had to do is all this math after the break hit result. Since I still need the trace to be as it’s supposed to be, but after it hits I need that location closer.

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