can a HUD butten hide an actor in game?

How can i call a cutom event in my HUD?

can a HUD butten hide an actor in game?

Yes and yes, how far have you got?

Hello ClockworkOcean.

I tryed a lot of things…but it didn´t work out in the end. So im basicly back to 0…

Here. Make a new widget and put a button in the widget:

Notice the green buttons at the bottom, I clicked the ‘on clicked’ one, and put this code in:

It does this:


Thank you! That already helped a lot!! You are AWESOME

Just a couple more questions…

How can i just diable specific objects?
How do you bring the get “Static Mesh Component” in?
What does the ForEachLoop in this Case?

I just did a GetAllActors because it was quicker than fiddling around and getting a reference to a single actor. Once you use GetAll, you have to use a loop to process them all.

If you drag a pin off any actor reference and type ‘set hidden’ it will automatically give you the ‘static mesh’ bit.

Thats another problem i had. I could´t get an actor reference to the HUD blueprint.

How do i do this?

You can put a ‘tag’ on the actor. Click the actor in the viewport and look in the details:


Put a tag in the actor section ( NOT the component section ). Then in the widget you can just say:


Thank you!!!

Very quick and well showen awnsers !!! Thank you!!

No worries. You can mark it as correct if you want … :wink: