Can a GTX 650 (non-Ti) Overclocked run UE4?

Hello, I am an up and coming developer and I plan to use the Unreal Engine 4 on an upcoming project. I know that the GTX 550 Ti can run it, but can A non-ti GTX 650 run it?

  • Khalil Vennie

Yes, that UE4 is compatible with that GPU. Performance will be a bit slower than we recommend for a great experience, but it’s workable.

Great, thanks Tim.

I have a Geforce GTX 650 OC 2GB, and have 8Gbs of RAM, and everything is running very well.
The shooter game runs at 25-30 FPS (Play in editor).
and all example scenes run over 30-40 FPS, sometimes 60 FPS

Only problem i ran into so far was some strange artifacts on the specular map example in the content examples map + a few of the post process doesn’t work , other then that 650 is smooth and fast combined with an fx 8350 and 16 gb ram…

I have a GTX 260 and the engine is still running, even though my pc float about 10cm above the ground because of the heat coming off :P. Only the material editor is ultra slow.