Can a Dev walk me through setting up the Oculus Remote?

I have spent 12 hours today trying to get the Oculus Remote to work in UE4_4.19.2… no exageration it’s 1am now. I have my project set up so that I have an axis bound to a character, and whenever a given button is pressed the character moves forward. It works with the ‘W’ key and other things, but no matter what I do the Oculus Remote does not work (I verified it is functional in Oculus Home). I’ve tried this solution, I’ve tried this solution, but nothing gets anything done.

I know it has to be a set of simple steps to get this working but I’m too new at UE4 development to know what I could be doing wrong, and I don’t have any more time to waste on this. Can someone tell me the steps I need to take to get an oculus remote button recognized for an axis mapping input?