Can a cull distance volume cull a terrain mesh?

So basically I have two separate terrains in one level (my employer instructed me to do this so this can’t change even if it is not recommended) and I need to cull the terrain that the player isn’t currently on. They are separated by a large distance and I was able to use a cull distance volume to cull all of the objects on the opposite terrain except the terrain itself. It doesn’t seem to matter what I set the size setting to for the cull distance volume. Does anyone know how to cull a terrain for a situation like this?

I think in that case you can set “LODDistance Factor” of the Landscape objects to 10,
It’s not culling, but it uses an advance system optimization for landscape object, you may use it instead of trying to cull it.
When ever you have enough distance from each terrain object, engine we’ll optimize it, you can see what happens in wire frame mode. and take your time and play with this value to find out suitable config for your usage.