Can a compass be created in ue4?

how to make a compass system in ue4 ?

see this:
and then just make it fancier. I’m sorry if what I’m going to say is going to sound rude but before you post a question please do a bit of research, you literally just need to google “how to make a compass ue4” and voila. :smiley:

Thanks but I had already seen this video. i am new with this thing and what I actually wanted to know how to create a digital compass as I have made a compass mesh with a needle(not yet rigged) . Both are separate meshes. So what I want to know is whether it is possible to create a blueprint that can rotate the needle . As you might have understood by now that I want to add it as a prop to the character and not just show directions ,

Isn’t it actually quite simle?
You define one direction as north, e.g. down the X-Axis and down the Y-Axis as East therefore. This means a rotation of 0° on the Z-Axis is north, 90° East, 180° South and 270° West and everything in between.

Then just get your compass world rotation and rotate the needle appropriately

This is an old comment, and you’re probably way past where you were 2 years ago. But you were jumping WAY ahead of where you needed to be. First, you should have just created the foundation- defining what NSEW is. Then from there you can create actors that respond accordingly to it. They were showing you how to create the foundational backbone of what you’re trying to achieve. how you implement it is another subject.