Can a ball projectile be prevented from ricocheting up launch track?

Part of this is in my opinion due to UE4 only allowing convex collisions. I have a spiral track that a ball is launched up into using Add Impulse. The ball will traverse smoothly up the track with some power levels but most of the time it will ricochet off the corner of an incoming collision block in the track. I segmented the track into 84 separate UCX assets to achieve the collision, the only difference is that I put a minute gap between each section for UE4 (have a working prototype in BGE which allows a spectrum of collision types). Tried adjusting the suspect corners down a tiny bit and re-importing with no real improvement. I have had slightly better stability using Add Force and a spline “guide” but the ricochets persist.

It would be ideal if I could get it to smoothly run up the track each time but with how the collisions must change from one piece concave quad based surface to convex and segmented tris is my suspect to this issue. For collisions in UE4 I’m creating custom UCX collision assets that are as close to the prototype as possible. The projectiles collision was easily derived from sphere mesh with some noticeable improvement in behavior. The launch track is a bit more challenging because it is concave at certain points to UE4, automatic collision generation is not suitable.

Anyone know if I can even achieve this level of collision resolution in UE4? I have an old video demonstration of the project working flawlessly in BGE but I don’t know if I can link it here.

Currently wondering if I can disable gravity while its moving along the spline and re-enable after but it would be best if the projectile would traverse smoothly using impulse and gravity. I might note the launch track is not a perfect spiral. It starts with a flat upwards angled section facing -Y. The first point at which the track begins to angle is where I’m having most issues. Perhaps this needs to be calculated, or the flat section needs to have a greater upwards angle.
In this image I’ve captured it bouncing up after hitting the area boxed in yellow, the first point the track begins to curve up. Any ideas?

Could this be due to sharp edges on collisions? Each face of the track was made into a block to be convex. Would it perhaps help to try and put in a slight angle or another face at the front of each block? I read you should implement a gap between each UCX asset. The blocks that make up the tracks collision all have very tight gaps, could that cause an issue?

Looking further into this, it has to be the collisions for the launch track. I’ve tried adjusting max offset in physics settings including bumping up iterations, lowering frictions, dampening, checking CCD, ect. Any other potential options I am open to researching.

While running this in BGE I just create the mesh, set it as static and there is your collision. Probably not as optimized as UE4’s convex only allowance but I get rather stable operation with a pretty good performance profile. With BGE’s physics the ball will traverse up the launch track successfully about 98% of the time, uninhibited by any other forces. An essential aspect to my project. Consistent launch operation.

This is in BGE to show profile after launching a few shots. Note smoother traverse (though there is some ghosting of the shot you can see some of its path).