Can 0.0.1 patch download skip 0.0.2, and download 0.0.3 directly ?

I am studying UE4 patch. Some people use c# to make a downloader. What if I have 0.0.1 packaged downloaded, can I directly download 0.0.3 without caring about 0.0.2 ? If not I need to let the downloader download in order (start download from 0.0.2 then 0.0.3) . Thanks. :slight_smile:

not sure exactly how you’re implementing this, but if a patch for something includes all previous content a “cumulative” patch IE: base is 0.0.1 patch 0.0.2 adds new stuff and patch 0.0.3 adds more stuff but also includes the 0.0.2 content, then users can just patch to latest from any version. you can also have the patcher check content from user and only downloaad newer content