Campsite Scene

Hi all,

Im pretty new to Unreal Engine 4 (been using it for about 2 weeks now!) but below are some screenshots of the work that ive been up to this last week!

Please leave me some comments so that i can improve on what i need to improve on!

Its a good start! I would start with improving the lighting though, as it seems too blurry and dull. What method for lighting are you using, static, stationary, or movable? Maybe its that you have your settings turned low, and if thats the case, you should increase them to the maximum when taking screenshots.

As for the trees, they look like some standard speed tree assets, I would suggest making all the pine trees much taller, or at least have a variant of them that is much taller. Under the canopies of the trees looks a little barren too, its always odd seeing absolutely no other small trees trying to grow under the larger ones in games and usually it produces this “empty” layer between the top of the grass and the bottom of the branches. It seems you also have some shrubs or bushes in the water in the first picture. I would say the straight thin grass you have in the last picture should be removed from there and actually put into the water to look like weeds and such growing in the water. As for the water itself, you should use the transparent water material inside of the lake material since the lake material has no shoreline or depth blending, and its meant for much larger bodies of water.

For the cliffs/hills in the background, it would be a good idea to try and find some good rock models that you can fill the vertical sections with to give it more of a cliff look. Generally most cliffs aren’t a smooth surface like in the picture.


And i like the barrel! It looks very detailed and natural :3
And you should start on better lightning on everything :smiley:

Hey guys!

Thanks for the pointers! Does anyone have any tutorials about lighting? Having trouble trying to get it right!

For lighting I would use a Directional Light as the sun with a SkyLight and have DFAO on which should give you some nice lighting and shadows for that scene.