Campfire - UE4 - Inspired by Red Dead Redemption 2

In the name of Allah.

I wanted to start a scene using Megascans ever since Epic Games let it free for use in Unreal Engine 4. I had no particular concept art for this one, except for the Campfire theme that I had in mind, something like those of Red Dead Redemption 2. I chose to put it into wilderness where no source of Artificial Light is present. No electricity and nothing … but I wanted the light sources to be The campfire itself and a lantern, of course these lighting sources are more prominent in the Sunset-Night version of the same environment. I knew from the beginning of the project that I am going to do a relight on this one and I wanted to go for a contrasty night and I needed it to be in the middle of wilderness so that only Fire, Lantern and a bit of Skylight are present. The initial version of the scene is of course done for the day Lighting. but not a classic sunny day but a bit overcast.

A big thanks goes to Dinusty and Exp-Points community for all awesome feedback and support.
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Nice concept, I don’t know if maybe it’s my monitor but it seems to dark.