Campfire Inventory Size?

Im trying to change the number of slots in the inventory for “PrimalInventoryBP_Campfire” from 3 to 5 but the slots stay at 3. Im I missing something?

Im changing “Max Inventory Items” to 5 from the default of 3

You need to go to the actual structure BP (the one have component tab clickable), then delete the old PrimalInventoryBP, then point it to the new one to activate the new inventory size
I assume you have already map the new engram, item in primaldata

thank you! That worked perfectly!

Or just open the primalinventorybp_campfire in a duplicate (not a child in this case) and change the inventory size rather than deleting the component and inserting a different one. The values are instanced in that asset so you don’t have to worry about it modifying the actual original.

you can child the campfire inventory, modify it how you want, then insert it into a child of the campfire. You cannot edit a child’s “inventory”, but you can easily add a duplicate that it will read as priority. I made this mistake with my Dinos (creating a duplicate instead of a child), and very soon I’m going to have to fix that… which will very likely wipe out everyone’s dino’s that are using the mod.

I know that pain Azrael :slight_smile:

Basically, stuff that you dont need to modify Component Tab (switch out Primal_BP) → Child, otherwise → Copy