Campfire, bonfire, How use same Keys for an action?


I would like to know if has as use the same key for an action, like:

“G Key → Kindle fire and put out it.” (without using Released - Just Pressed)

I’ve already have the other rests to make it work. Just need of these above.

Thanks! =)


The way that I go about doing this is using Booleans to perform checks with branches. So for your camp fire example you could create a Boolean called IsFireLit (or something along those lines). Now off of the G Key “pressed” do a branch and check if IsFireLit is true (it should be false by default). Off of False, set IsFireLit to true and run your fire starting logic. Off of True, set IsFireLit to false and run your fire stopping logic. See the following

I hope that helps!

Thanks a lot man! It works perfect! =)