Campaign asset

Done some quick reading today about custom asset types in UE4, so was wondering if this is what i need.

Today i finished the UI and logic for having multiple campaign savegames.
Keeping the future in mind, i want to support having multiple campaign stories for my game, so when i want to release new maps in the future as DLC, i can also include a new campaign story with them.

Currently all been bit hard coded for testing purpose, but i want to store the campaign (story) somewhere to make the system more flexible.
Most important is the level list at this moment, so when starting a new campaign savegame i know which level to start with and when finishing a mission i know which level is next.
Next to the campaign info, i also want to store the mission objectives, so when playing a level in campaign mode, single mission more, coop campaign mode or coop mission mode, i can load the mission details & mission objectives.
The mission info/objectives will be stored in different file/asset as the campaign info.

So i need to be able to store custom content somehow, prefered being able to modify the content in the editor and keep it easy to cook/package.
I also want to be able to search for assets of the type to list the available campaigns
After some reading it looks to me like custom assets is the way to go (UFactory)?

Ideas or suggestions to do a different way are also more as welcome :slight_smile: