CameraVector node isn't working at mobile

I want to implement PostProcessEffect by PixelDepth & AbsoluteWorldPosition.
But, CameraVector node isn’t working at mobile platform.

You can test this bug by just make simple PostProcessMaterial.
Result is very different with PC(SM5) and Mobile(ES2, Metal…)

AbsoluteWorldPosition node has same problem too.


Hey ttmayrin,

This is expected and outlined in our documentation for Mobile Post Processing Materials.

“Specifically, it’s important to note that custom Post Process materials for mobile applications can only fetch from PostProcessInput0 (Scene Color) with the following.”

Let me know if you have additional questions.

Thank you,

It’s bad news for me.
I just want to use below equation.
“WorldPosition = CameraPosition + CameraVector * CustomㅡDepth.r / dot(CameraVector, CameraDirectionVector)”
Only CameraVector node not working propertly at mobile.

As you know, Pixel world position is a very necessary element for a variety of PostEffects.
I hope it will be implemented later.