Cameras, movement, nodes

Hello! I hope you have a good day! I started using Unreal Engine a few weeks ago and I like it a lot, but I am having a problem and some doubts that I would like to solve.
The vast majority of internet tutorial videos on, for example, how to make a rolling ball, or how to accommodate a third-person camera to follow the character, usually made with the templates that unreal provides its users. My question was if there is any way to create a rolling ball in a “blank” template, programmed to move and with the camera accommodated as it is done in the “rolling ball” template. Does it make sense to do that? In the professional field, someone who wants to create a game, uses the templates? Or do they do everything in “bank templates”?
I have the level done in a “blank” template, but I can not do anything else since I can not find a way to move the character and have the camera follow it, unless I want to do it in a “third person” template or in a “rolling ball” template.
I hope you understand my doubts, first of all, thank you very much!

There seems to be nothing special about the ball template camera setup - the ball is a Pawn with a static mesh with camera attached to a springarm - a very common setup indeed.