Camera's center of rotation

Hello guys,

Do you know if I can move the camera’s center of rotation, for my FPS character.
If not, is there a way to bypass it ? My blueprint inherit the Character Class, so I don’t know how “Character” handles this.


Its based on the location of your characters camera component.
Open up the first person character blueprint and have a look under the components tab.
Should fine it there :slight_smile:

I think I didn’t explain it right, here’s a drawing :
I want the camera to rotate around a specific point. The problem is that I think it’s his parent “Character” which handle the camera rotation.

EDIT : I found a solution : I used the “Attach to” node to attach the camera to a point which rotate around the camera, I though it would bug but it works^^

Can you please show an example of how you achieved this?
Camera = third person behind a tank which should rotate AROUND the TankGun
TankGun = the turret on a tank which should have its pivot point followed by the camera

I tried what you said and tried onbeginplay -> attach to -> Target = Camera, inParent = TankGun

but I am not sure if I am doing it correctly.


I found a better solution :
You need to add to points (you can use arrows), these are your pivots.
So, you place those arrows in your component view (one for the camera and one for the turret). The direction is very important : to the camera/turret initial position.
Go to the event graph, on the mouse/stick update event you set the location on the camera equal to : pivot location + ( pivot forward vector × distance on the camera) and you set the pivot rotator equal to the camera rotator. That’s for the camera’s location. For the turret it’s easier, you just set the forward vector of the turret equal to the forward vector of the camera.

Thanks for the ideas.

What I ended up doing though was.
Adding an arrow component and setting it where I want the cameras pivot point. Then dragged my camera onto the arrow in the side bar to make it a child of the arrow.
Then any rotation applied to the arrow will also apply to the camera while following the pivot point of the arrow.

Thanks for giving me some direction.

Yeah, it’s a better solution for you (wasn’t for my specific case).

I know this is a older post but I’ve achieved good results with both a spline inside the character that the camera can follow and also another camera with a spring arm