Cameraanimation in a shake and FOV

Hello there.

In the fighting game i use a lot of camera animations.
One of them is idle camera animation which makes some little “breathing” effect.
Also i have a lot of camera animations for different hits.

Each camera animation is wrapped by camera shake to make it easy to tune up blend times.
I use shake lenght == 0 in all animations and all shake parameters == 0.
Camera animation is setted, scale == 1 and blend times == 0. Tried to set 0.05, 0.3 and bigger… i don’t see any changes in 4.13.1.

Earlier i used UE 4.11.2 and it was fine. But now i moved to 4.13.1 and for now i have some problems.

I have a lot of problems with FOV which was’t in 4.11.2.

I have different FOV for different fights. But i have same camera animations. So i need to animate camera relative to current FOV.
In 4.11.2 camera FOV was restored at camera animation ends. In 4.13.1 - not. Seems it was relative and now - not.
For example - fight FOV is 55 degrees. Camera anim changes fov - 60, 90, 60. After shake ends i have 60 degrees on main camera.
Can i restore FOV smoothly independent of initial value? I mean to FOV before animation. I see that in 4.13.1 i can make fov animation relative. But i don’t see that it works.

Another problem - is… hmm… after camera anim ends… time to time FOV changes even if animation have no FOV track… i logged all chakes run and i see that not not than one shake plays in my app.
Idle shake starts after any shake ends. So i have infinity loop of idle which could be overrided by any other shake.

How can i prevent FOV changes at shakes ends?

Ofc. i’ve seen all teaching videos and read all documentation… seems i’m stucked.

Found temporary solution.
Enable relative FOV.
Add fov track if it doesn’t exists.
Add fov animation key with default value.

Camera animation works fine.

good for user : camera works fine
bad for me: i’ve fixed 493 camera animations…