CameraActor(Instance) CameraActor0

Yo, I am trying to make a game completely from scratch with UE, but this camera keeps spawning and I don’t know how to control it. It happens when pressing play on the level without any defaulted or overridden game mode. It actually interferes with my game when I try to add functionality to the default game mode using this spawned camera instead of a pre-spawned static camera I wish to use. Any ways I could make sure this camera is not used or preferably spawned. I have looked into the wikis for static camera and changing between views. However it doesn’t change the existence of this camera which would only drag down performance of my project. I also think this information could lead to the solution of a couple other issues I have been having. Any help is appreciated. If anyone could link me to some decent articles.

This was answered in Stack Overflow. Essentially the camera being spawned is an out of the box function of Unreal. Instead I attached the camera to a pawn and made that the default pawn class of the game mode. I then picked the spawn point placement to be where I wanted the camera to be. Everything is working out.