CameraActor: How to export view from selected camera in Editor?


I would save selected camera view as image from Editor (not game).

I can parse selected actors in Editor with filter “ACameraActor”, so there is no problem.

But the question is: is any way to save the camera view without Matinee?

Or should I use some custom actor inherited from CameraDirector etc?

Can you push me in the right director please?

Thank you in advance!

What do you mean by “export view”? Taking a screenshot?


Yes, taking screenshot from selected camera feed, not Editor Viewport. (I have couple of cameras on Level).

In theory I can create SceneCapture2D camera, connected to texture by cameraFeed… And then to try save it to file… But not really sure what I can get a good resolution from this…

What do you think?

Using the drop down menu at the top left of the viewport, select “Lock Viewport to Actor”, then pick your camera as the lock actor. Then, using the same dropdown menu, pick “High Resolution Screenshot”. You can provide a size multiplier if you want bigger resolution. The screenshot should appear in your game’s Saved directory.


Sure, Camille, thank you for advise, but… I need to do this from code. Sorry for mystify you.

So, I still thinking about saving texture from Texture Target of cameraFeed from SceneCapture2D camera… If this possible…