Camera Zoom In-Out with Focus Track (or simply change Focus Distance) on my Third Person Character

Hey Guys,

i have a big and important Question about my third-person Game. I need to change my Camera Focus Distance when iam Zooming In- and Out to my Player Character. How is it possible?! Or can i focus Track my Player Charakter as well? I totally need this feature…

Not even google can find an answer to this question. I’ve already spent hours and hours trying to find a solution myself but unfortunately without success.

If any of you had an answer, that would be a huge leap forward.

Thank you very much.


No Ideas?? Nobody? :confused:

you just need to write a BP to look at the values of the current focus distance and change the based on what you want for the zoom in and out, if it is a % or a fixed value 5 to 100 or X% when ever the zoom value changes you adjust the focus distance per your vision of what you want.

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