Camera - Walking/Bob Effect

Hello all! I’ve been looking to improve my camera bob effect for a while now and I’ve been trying to achieve something similar to P.T’s bobbing/walking effect for months. I’m trying to set it up based on the character’s move speed, but I cannot get it to work correctly. How is something like this done? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hey i dont know what setup you have for your character.
But what works very well is attaching the camera to the character.
That way it moves with the character, and you will get the effect you are looking for.

I did this using a USpringArmComponent, this way you handle obstacles that are in the middle right away. You then just animate the spring arm component and you are off to go. Another way is to attach the camera to a bone/socket of your skeletal mesh, this way you can drive the camera movement using animations on the skeletal mesh of your character.