Camera view from Sequencer won't show in Cinematic Viewport

I followed tutorial from Unreal Engine docs (Sequencer Basics | Unreal Engine Documentation) in order to learn how to make a simple cinematic in Sequencer. So I placed two separate shots inside a Master shot like this.


When I play the Master shot and Shot01 ends, Shot02 should start playing but in cinematic viewport the view isn’t binded to the camera from Shot02 nor to any camera.
When I go in Shot02 and lock the camera to viewport and then return to Master shot, the camera isn’t locked anymore and the view in viewport stays static even though the camera’s location is animated.
Why is this happening?

Do you have a camera cuts track in both Shot01 and Shot02? The camera cuts track needs to exist in each shot and needs to be bound to the camera that you want that shot to look through.

Here’s some docs on the camera cuts track: